Please acknowledge the following terms and conditions to determine if your order or the ordered items and services may be eligible for a return or exchange. If a product or service does not meet your expectations or you no longer need it, you may contact our customer service at 1-855-855-8666 to arrange a return or exchange, provided that the product was never used or installed and meets the following terms and conditions.


Customers have 30 days following the date of purchase on the order to proceed with a return or exchange as long as the following terms and conditions are respected and met and that the products were never used or installed. Certain fees and costs may apply. ONLINE TIRE INC. and its administrative offices cannot assume responsibility for errors made by customers. It is the customer’s responsibility to verify and confirm that the billing and delivery information as well as the compatibility of the product with their vehicle and application are correct.


We are sorry, but we cannot offer to reimburse the following products and services: actual installation fees, studding fees, and administrative/transactional fees, handling fees, additional transfer or transport fees or any products sold as-is, as a final sale or liquidated.

*Products must be returned as brand new, never used or installed. If the returned product is damaged or was used or installed, the return would be refused and products could then be returned to the customer at their charge.


When purchasing wheels, it is important to confirm the compatibility with your vehicle. Before using the wheels or accessories, you must validate the fitment on your vehicle before mounting tires on them / driving with them. Wheels are non-returnable, unless they are deemed as defective, if a tire was mounted on the wheel or if installed for more than the fitment test purposes. Fees may apply if the returned wheel show signs of handling or installation. Accessories like bolt, hub rings, valves and sensors are non0returnable unless defective.


The actual transport costs are non-reimbursable and are at the charge of the customer unless the wrong product is delivered or if the product is defective. It is the responsibility of the customer to verify the received merchandise upon reception and to advise ONLINE TIRE INC. in the 30 days following the order if there is anything with the order. ONLINE TIRE INC. will arrange the delivery and the return with the applicable transporter based on the customer’s location.


In the event that you would receive a defective product, the applicable return policy would be the one required by the product’s manufacturer directly. The warranties offered on products sold by ONLINE TIRE INC. are the ones of the manufacturers and are subject to the terms and conditions of the applicable warranty.
Please refer to the manufacturer’s warranty documents for more information.


In the event that you would want to cancel your order, it is important to let us know as soon as possible. It is possible to cancel your order at any moment, before it is shipped. Certain transactional, handling or transport fees may apply.


As soon as the products returned are received, verified and accepted as eligible based on the terms and conditions of the return as well as the arrangements made with the customer services agent, we will proceed with the credit. The credit will be made directly to the credit card or PayPal account that was used to conclude the order initially. Please allow a processing delay before the credit appears on your credit card statement or PayPal account.